KADA 한국도핑방지위원회

Your tip-off is making sport clean

Please contact us if you :
have witnessed doping in sport
have been offered banned substances
suspect someone might be doping
are concerned about the behaviour or practices of an atlete, coach or support personnel.

if you would like to receive the result of investigation please certify


* please provide as much information as possible.

( * As per our rules, you cannot receive the further information and results if you don't leave your name and contact number. )

Note on the collection and use of personal information

As per Article 5 of the World Anti-Doping Code, Article 5 of the Korea Anti-Doping Code, Article 11 and 12 of the International Standard for Testing and Investigation and Article 12 of the International Standard for Protection of Privacy and Personal Information, KADA collects personal information from Athletes and athlete support personnel in KOC, KPC, Professtional Sports Organization, employees in WADA signatories, employees in WADA accredited Labs, Sample collection personnel in KADA to investigate a possible Anti-Doping Rule Violation(ADRV) and protect an informant.

Please enter your personal information necessary for proceeding report on doping (verified by mobile phone) and click the Agreement check box if you agree to collect and use your personal information.

Personal information collected by KADA from an informant at the time of the doping report is as follows.
- Collect 'Name, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail, password, IP number’.
- In case of the date of birth, it is used only for self-certification by your mobile and is not stored in the system.
- An informant has the right to refuse consent to the provision of personal information collected. However, if an anonymous tip is reported, the result of its investigation cannot be known, and there may be restrictions on service use.
The collected personal information is encrypted and stored, and is not accessible except by the investigation manager and director.

3rd party provision consent (not applicable when anonymous)
KADA provides personal information to third parties for the purpose of detecting against ADRVs and investigating crimes,
- Person receiving personal information: World Anti-Doping Agency, relevant international federations, Police agency, Prosecution office, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Customs
- Purpose: To investigate and file an indictment of a crime or detection of ADRVs
- Items available: Name, Mobile phone number, E-mail, IP number
- Retention and use period: Until attainment of purpose
- The report doping system is not available if consent is rejected.
Personal information collected is not used for any other purpose than detectiong of doping and personal information collected for tip-off in accordance with the relevant international standards above shall be preserved forever in care of an ADRV occurs and for 10 years in the event of No ADRV.